The Problem
More so than ever before, consumers are concerned about where their food is coming from. Farmers want to educate consumers about where their food is coming from, but there is not a good platform for these farmers to be able to answer consumer questions. In comes the Produce Tracker. When consumers head to the grocery store they are overwhelmed with labels such as organic, Non-GMO, and just plain old fruits and vegetables. From my experience, many of these consumers don’t necessarily even know what all of these labels mean, and don’t know where to turn when it comes to answering their questions about where their food comes from.   A possible solution for this problem would be an app called Produce Tracker. Through this mobile phone app, consumers could scan the barcode on a piece of fruit, or vegetable, at any grocery store. When the consumer scans this item, a page will come up that will allow consumers to learn about how this product gets from seed to store, and what farm the item came from. Through the use of the app, not only will consumers become more educated on the items they are purchasing, farmers will also have the opportunity to share their knowledge with the population in which they serve.  
Sketching Alternatives
Design Synthesis
Competitive Analysis
Problem Statement  
Currently there is no simple, effective, and efficient way to provide reliable food facts to interested consumers. With the rise of internet and the media, a search on Google will provide countless resources, but how are consumers to know which are reliable?
Target Audience
The primary target audience of Produce Tracker is young mothers. Often times this category of individuals are the most concerned about the quality and health of the food in which they are providing to their families. The secondary target audience would be millennials. According to the Pew Research Center, "younger adults are more likely to believe organic foods are better and GM food are worse for health."
Target Solution
To create an app that is visually appealing, minimalistic in design, easy to navigate for a diverse group of individuals, and of course loaded with a host of reliable food knowledge for the consumer body. 
Elevator Produce Pitch
Have you ever walked into a grocery store and immediately were overwhelmed by signs and tags that present phrases such as "organic", "non-gmo", or "pesticide free"? Have you then turned to Google in order to try to make sense of these labels only to become even more confused by the lack of clear answer? In comes the Produce Tracker app. By providing local farmer blog posts, options to scan your favorite produce to learn more about the product, and the ability to conduct searches on what products your grocery store of choice has in stock, Produce Tracker will serve as your go to solution for all of your fresh food related needs. 
Final Statement
As a designer and avid agricultural advocate, I believe that everyone deserves to know how their food is produced. Unfortunately, in the past, there has not been effective way to do this, and farmers had no way to share their message and methods with consumers. With the development of the Produce Tracker app, consumers could become more informed and educated about food and their buying decisions.
Paper prototype
Final Look
 Rendered Wireframe